hello sunshine

There comes a point during every winter where you realize winter just kinda sucks. and you can't help but yearn for spring. Well folks, that time has come. I have to say, winter hasn't bothered me that much this year. But the last three days have been a nice sunny, 70 degrees which is soon to fade, i'm sure, but it made me realize how great 70 degrees is. In my heart, I'm done with winter--I'm moving onto spring. I've already seen the swimsuits appearing in target and walmart (i'm staying away from malls these days, so that's all i have to go off) and I've seen the bright colors in the clothing. It's coming!!!

Some other random items of note..

Essie nailpolish is now sold at walmart!! I saw the display in the cosmetics section and then fell in love with about 30 colors, but settled for one---called cute as a button. And i'm in love with it.
looks kinda like this
I have a new obsession with the color coral. Its just so pretty all of a sudden. (similar to my stripes obsession, except no money to buy things with--but i do still love my stripes)

I saw Social Network (finally--i'm so behind the times these days) good movie, but kinda surprised its up for best picture...

I got ticket #8 back in january, a nice big speeding ticket from a not very nice cop, that i still need pay. I'm trying really hard these days not to speed. I've been using cruise control everywhere i go.

I ran 5 miles today!!! That is a lot for me. I like to run and I run often, but I typically run 3 miles and RARELY i'll do 4. And once I ran 6 miles. But I decided I'm going to my first half marathon and I don't have very long! April 2. So wish me luck!

Oh and I forgot to say in my last post, the best part about my random trip to Kentucky. I pulled a little surprise. After she begged me to come, I told her I wasn't, and then pulled some great moves of trickery, and then showed up about 5 minutes after the other guy i drove up with had showed up. It was hilarious and awesome. I love surprises. And usually i'm really bad at holding in surprises, but luckily I only had to hold this one for a few hours.

That's all i got for now. I know picture-less posts are boring...so i'll post pictures next time. Promise!


  1. good luck with your half marathon, 13 miles is nothing.

  2. i have that color! and i love it toooooo!