Frozen Yogurt tales

So when it comes to frozen yogurt, I consider myself a connoisseur. My boyfriend says I am a food snob. Either way, I just have a really deep LOVE for frozen yogurt. I even drove 40 minutes out of the way on my way home from Kentucky to get some. This is how much I love it. With this all in mind and the fact that I walked in after having a really downer-kind of day, let me tell you this little story.

Bentonville is a little behind the craze. But they did recently open a new place called YumYos. I've been excited to try it out and today I did just that. Here's how it played out... I walk in and some girl, hopped up on redbull, is behind the counter and says, "is this your first time here?" I say "yes.." and she's like "oh!" and walks all the way over from the counter to tell me how to do the yogurt. "We have 15 different flavors and you just get a bowl and the middle lever.." me interrupting--"combines the flavors" (yeah i get it) she continues "and we have thirty six different toppings, so be sure to try them all out!" I kinda wanted to be like, 'sweetie, this isn't my first time in america, but thank you?'

Anyways, My usual go-to is the cali tart with a bunch of fruit. So, i grab my bowl and start pouring, and the second it hit my bowl, I already knew it was no good. The color and texture were not right at all. so i moved to the strawberry. The strawberry looked like a better consistency so I gave it a go. Popped on some not-so-fresh fruit toppings and paid a whopping $4.76. I had one bite, and was disheartened. The strawberry flavor wasn't horrible, it was just very mediocre and just not what i'm use to i suppose. but I dug to the bottom to try the tart, and was seriously grossed out. It wasn't tart, it was SOUR. So i ate all the fruit off the top, downed a few more bites of strawberry, then thought, maybe the tart wasn't that bad. So i tried it again, and I couldn't help but make a face. It was absolutely horrible.

But then I came home, gave it to my little sister and mom, and they thought it was great. But it is kind of a fact that my mom has highly desensitized taste buds so that really doesn't say much.

I will say the best frozen yogurt i've ever had is probably fro.zen.yo in DC. But it also could have something to do with the fact I was very hungry the 2 times I had it. But still. I  believe it's completely delicious. Also Spoon It Up in provo is high on my charts and Yogurtland is delicious as well. and red mango is good, but the non-self-serve thing kinda blows.

I tried to tell my boyfriend how after you've had the good stuff, the bad stuff is so apparent. It's like if all you had ever eaten was Spaghetti-o's you wouldn't know what you were missing out on. But after you had say, carrabba's spaghetti, you would never go back to spaghetti-o's  (unless of course, you are homeless, on the verge of death and someone hands you a can of spaghetti-os). He claims he can't taste a difference between any of the places. And thus, I am a food snob. But if I am, so be it. I just like good quality yogurt. sue me!

(and wow this was the longest post ever about yogurt)


  1. i agree, it could be better, but I can't complain b/c its all we've got! Until TCBY opens soon!

  2. haha, ohh claire! that is why i love you