the day after tomorrow

Remember that dumb movie? I only saw it bc Jake Gyllanhal was in it. Anyways, the weather has been crazy here. But you probably know that unless you live in Africa or something. I got home from Utah on Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning I woke up to this:

I've lived in St Louis/Bentonville my whole life and I have never seen that much snow out here that I can remember. I had heard about all the snow while in Utah and was kinda like, "yeah, yeah, i've lived in utah the last 5 years...snow schmow." But I drove to walmart today and it really was weird.


I have never seen snow like that here in Arkansas. It seemed so out of place, so foreign..and wrong. In that aspect, it was really weird. Crazy weather. But although the weather's been a bit chilly the last couple days, the 10 day forecast has given me much to look forward to!!

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  1. Yeah, now you can't say Utah is the only place with all of the crazy weather. :)