Sometimes I wish I was a witty/funny blogger every time I blogged, but alas, it is not in me. I would love to just entertain people with every post and every sentence I wrote. For now, I will just stick to updating about my life and writing when needs be.

I'm in Utah right now. I've gone through 5 boxes of Kashi bars since I've been here (1 week). Never eaten so many in my life. It's what's keeping me alive. Favorite flavors so far: Pumpking Spice Flax crunchy, Dark mocha almond chewy, Honey Toasted 7 grain crunchy, and Almond toasted something or other crunchy. I'm kinda into the crunchy stuff right now.

Well thats all for today. Except my awesome photographer cousin is having an awesome photography giveaway. So i'm blogging in hopes that I will win, but if i don't, maybe one of you reading this will! She's based in Houston, but has some travel dates to Utah, DC area, and Montana this year. so check it out.

Go HERE: giveaway

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  1. ROFLMFAO!!! you are so witty mickelle!!!! and super cute so double threat. and fit so triple threat i guess. you are just a very threatening person.