Mouse Infiltration

does this look cute? Well it is NOT
I'm in Provo for a couple week with my mom helping my sister with wedding stuff before her wedding in a couple weeks. My mom and little sister are staying at my grandma's house, however I am not. My little sister discovered that my grandma has a pretty intense mouse problem. And I just have to share.

SO a week or so ago, my little sister (Erica) was at my grandma's and heard a mouse in a vent, that was apparently stuck there. They got a mouse trap and successfully killed the mouse. But that wasn't even close to the end of it. They knew there were more, bc when she'd go in the storage pantry in the garage and turn on the light she could hear them scurrying about (gross). 

My grandma is watching my uncles cat while he's out of town and Erica said that a couple nights ago, in the middle of the night, the cat apparently heard something and then ran out of the room. Then she came running back in with a MOUSE in it's mouth, ran under her bed and all around the room, then dropped the mouse in the doorway and batted in all the way down the hall, then ate the whole thing. 

So we got more traps. As of today there have more 5 mice killed. I found the last one tonight, bc i wanted to see if I could hear mice in the pantry. So I went in there...turned on the light...didn't hear anything, but then I saw a mouse trap, with a mouse in IT. Honestly, I've never seen that sight before. It was not pleasant. Plus only its nose was caught in the trap. It must have been a slow, painful death. And then I heard more scurrying! Which freaked me out and I was done. 

Pretty gross, huh?

Erica's tally sheet