Life Update

December might have possibly been the busiest month of my life ever.That being said, it was fun. 2010 was a really, really good year. And I'm even more excited about 2011. Mostly because I will get to celebrate 11.11.11. Its gonna be the best day ever.

In other news, I have officially moved back to Bentonville, AR and am taking up residence in my parents house. 2 months ago, somebody told me that 80% of graduates these days are moving back in with their parents. I swore that would not be me. Here I am!!

But!! I graduated!!! And i even got a 4.0 this semester!! woot woot!

I had a great christmas and went with the family on a cruise to cozumel. It was delightful. I'll throw some pictures up in the next blog post i get around to.

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