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Hello blogging world! Life is going swell. No job yet, but I do have some leads and one job in particular that I really hope I get!! In the meantime I have really been enjoying this time for getting lots of things done! I've been pretty busy actually. The last couple weeks have been filled with doing stuff for my sisters wedding, cleaning and organizing my old room, some odd jobs around the house, hanging out with dear friends, job searching, and lots of exercising! It's been fun. I'm glad I moved home. Most people in Utah would always say "why are you moving home??" As if its the worst idea possible or that I'm subjecting myself to torture, but I feel pretty good about it. I miss my peeps in Utah, other than that I love being back in arkansas.

I'm in Florida right now and it is great.

Also, I have access to netflix instant watch stuff, and I have decided I'm going to rewatch all of LOST. I'm very excited about it.  (not as obsessively as I did last time...just a little here and there)

Today I was sitting outside barefoot in a light hoodie and realized that in one week I will be in Utah freezing my face off. Not looking forward to that weather...

But! I am excited to go out to Utah for a few weeks, get all my stuff finally, see some friends and go to my sisters wedding!

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  1. woohooo LOST! I wish I was there to watch it with you! miss you!