Sometimes I wish I was a witty/funny blogger every time I blogged, but alas, it is not in me. I would love to just entertain people with every post and every sentence I wrote. For now, I will just stick to updating about my life and writing when needs be.

I'm in Utah right now. I've gone through 5 boxes of Kashi bars since I've been here (1 week). Never eaten so many in my life. It's what's keeping me alive. Favorite flavors so far: Pumpking Spice Flax crunchy, Dark mocha almond chewy, Honey Toasted 7 grain crunchy, and Almond toasted something or other crunchy. I'm kinda into the crunchy stuff right now.

Well thats all for today. Except my awesome photographer cousin is having an awesome photography giveaway. So i'm blogging in hopes that I will win, but if i don't, maybe one of you reading this will! She's based in Houston, but has some travel dates to Utah, DC area, and Montana this year. so check it out.

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Mouse Infiltration

does this look cute? Well it is NOT
I'm in Provo for a couple week with my mom helping my sister with wedding stuff before her wedding in a couple weeks. My mom and little sister are staying at my grandma's house, however I am not. My little sister discovered that my grandma has a pretty intense mouse problem. And I just have to share.

SO a week or so ago, my little sister (Erica) was at my grandma's and heard a mouse in a vent, that was apparently stuck there. They got a mouse trap and successfully killed the mouse. But that wasn't even close to the end of it. They knew there were more, bc when she'd go in the storage pantry in the garage and turn on the light she could hear them scurrying about (gross). 

My grandma is watching my uncles cat while he's out of town and Erica said that a couple nights ago, in the middle of the night, the cat apparently heard something and then ran out of the room. Then she came running back in with a MOUSE in it's mouth, ran under her bed and all around the room, then dropped the mouse in the doorway and batted in all the way down the hall, then ate the whole thing. 

So we got more traps. As of today there have more 5 mice killed. I found the last one tonight, bc i wanted to see if I could hear mice in the pantry. So I went in there...turned on the light...didn't hear anything, but then I saw a mouse trap, with a mouse in IT. Honestly, I've never seen that sight before. It was not pleasant. Plus only its nose was caught in the trap. It must have been a slow, painful death. And then I heard more scurrying! Which freaked me out and I was done. 

Pretty gross, huh?

Erica's tally sheet


just stuff

Hello blogging world! Life is going swell. No job yet, but I do have some leads and one job in particular that I really hope I get!! In the meantime I have really been enjoying this time for getting lots of things done! I've been pretty busy actually. The last couple weeks have been filled with doing stuff for my sisters wedding, cleaning and organizing my old room, some odd jobs around the house, hanging out with dear friends, job searching, and lots of exercising! It's been fun. I'm glad I moved home. Most people in Utah would always say "why are you moving home??" As if its the worst idea possible or that I'm subjecting myself to torture, but I feel pretty good about it. I miss my peeps in Utah, other than that I love being back in arkansas.

I'm in Florida right now and it is great.

Also, I have access to netflix instant watch stuff, and I have decided I'm going to rewatch all of LOST. I'm very excited about it.  (not as obsessively as I did last time...just a little here and there)

Today I was sitting outside barefoot in a light hoodie and realized that in one week I will be in Utah freezing my face off. Not looking forward to that weather...

But! I am excited to go out to Utah for a few weeks, get all my stuff finally, see some friends and go to my sisters wedding!


new years resolutions 2011

1. drink NO soda (for at least 6 months...)
2. eat better--significantly less sugar, more veggies
3. olympic triathlon 
4. exercise better--resistance training 2x's/week, cardio 2-3x's/week
5. spend less $$
6. learn ASL
7. never, ever text while driving (i dont do it often, but i should do it NEVER. and neither should you!)
8. read scriptures everyday
9. GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a daily checklist to help me for the daily things i want to do. i love the new year. so much hope to be better...we'll see how long it lasts! 


Life Update

December might have possibly been the busiest month of my life ever.That being said, it was fun. 2010 was a really, really good year. And I'm even more excited about 2011. Mostly because I will get to celebrate 11.11.11. Its gonna be the best day ever.

In other news, I have officially moved back to Bentonville, AR and am taking up residence in my parents house. 2 months ago, somebody told me that 80% of graduates these days are moving back in with their parents. I swore that would not be me. Here I am!!

But!! I graduated!!! And i even got a 4.0 this semester!! woot woot!

I had a great christmas and went with the family on a cruise to cozumel. It was delightful. I'll throw some pictures up in the next blog post i get around to.