This last month has been one giant whirlwind. There are only 2 weeks left in my college career. Wednesday's my last day of class. Seems like only five and a half years ago I was a little freshman with so many hopes and dreams. good times.
Here's my to-do list for the next two weeks:

  • write 381 analysis paper
  • make handout for 381
  • media presentation for 381
  • 381 take-home final
  • update portfolio
  • blog stalk people till wee hours of the morning
  • plan & throw bridal shower for my cousin Rebecca (2pm on Sat-come!)
  • buy a gas cap..bc i drove off without mine
  • catch up on facebook
  • visit BYU placement center
  • blog
  • job search
  • Figure out where to live in 2 weeks
  • blog stalk some more
  • plus a million other things i don't feel like writing out anymore
Time to get busy!!!

I love making lists. When I'm stressed, I just need to cry a little, make a new list and then I'm good to go.

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