Best Craigslist Post

I just laughed my butt off. Please read this current craigslist posting:

For Sale: Worst Cat EVER (Davis County)

Date: 2010-11-12, 5:37PM MST
Reply to: comm-kxns3-2057295036@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Please take my cat. I have owned him five years and I think it's someone else's turn to have to put up with him. He opens kitchen cupboards and eats ANYTHING he can find inside. I mean ANYTHING. So far he has eaten cornmeal, rice (uncooked), bars of soap, entire loaves of bread, boxes of cereal, pop-tarts, pudding cups (yes he gnaws his way through the plastic), entire tubs of margarine, carrots, apples, a mango AND THE PAPER BAG IT WAS IN, boxes of uncooked spaghetti, bags of powdered sugar, animal crackers, whole raw eggs, and many many many cookies. YES I FEED THIS CAT REGULARLY. I have to keep my kitchen completely spotless and have child locks on all my cupboards, but he's learned how to fish stuff out with his paws. Not to mention all the garbages in the whole house. While I was typing this he snuck in behind me JUST NOW and licked the hot loaf of bread that is cooling on my stove. It's literally three feet away from me.

On the bright side he hasn't eaten any bananas yet.

He is a NICE CAT. He is soft and purrs and is cuddly and loving and would EAT YOU ALIVE IF YOU SUFFERED A STROKE OR HEART ATTACK AND WERE UNABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF.

I would let him live outside--he LOVES to go out--but he eats birds and that makes me sad.


Maybe you live on take-out? You don't cook? You own a barn full of mice? You already have magnetized locks on all your cupboards for your toddlers? This cat loves people and gets along with other cats and dogs. Let me know if you want him!!

  • Location: Davis County
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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Brazilian Blowout

Have you heard of these? I just did yesterday..and now I must have one. Funny how that works. Then I found this giveaway for it TODAY on love & photography blog. So I am doing everything to win it. It looks pretty amazing...and my hair needs help. If you haven't heard about you, you should check it out. Unless you are brittany bland and you're hair always looks like this. Whatever it is they do to your hair, it stays looking perfect for like a month. I'll take one please!


My friend Whitney is a talented and aspiring photographer. Duke was in town the last couple weeks and she offered to take some faux-engagement pics to builld her portfolio. I'm glad she asked bc I had fun doing it and I love the pics she took. I've already looked at them 100 times. Here's a few...you can look at her blog to see more.

I think this one is my fav:

this is duke's fav


This last month has been one giant whirlwind. There are only 2 weeks left in my college career. Wednesday's my last day of class. Seems like only five and a half years ago I was a little freshman with so many hopes and dreams. good times.
Here's my to-do list for the next two weeks:

  • write 381 analysis paper
  • make handout for 381
  • media presentation for 381
  • 381 take-home final
  • update portfolio
  • blog stalk people till wee hours of the morning
  • plan & throw bridal shower for my cousin Rebecca (2pm on Sat-come!)
  • buy a gas cap..bc i drove off without mine
  • catch up on facebook
  • visit BYU placement center
  • blog
  • job search
  • Figure out where to live in 2 weeks
  • blog stalk some more
  • plus a million other things i don't feel like writing out anymore
Time to get busy!!!

I love making lists. When I'm stressed, I just need to cry a little, make a new list and then I'm good to go.