woot woot!

Tonight I took one look at my blog and I almost had to vomit. It was pretty gross looking. Hopefully most of you were reading it in google-reader or something for your eyes sake. So I just spent the last who knows how long trying to redeem it. Its very plain-jane right now, but much more easy on the eyes. Oh how I wish i was a designer. Actually it is my secret plan to go back to school very soon here and get another degree in graphic design...or at least take a bunch of graphic design classes. I love design...I just need some professional help with it.
That reminds me I kinda got a job! I'm interning right now at Stephen Hales Creative (free labor) and Stephen Hales teaches history of graphic design at BYU and needed a TA, and guess who got the job! yahoo! I can only work 3-4 hours a week for $8.50/hr which means at MOST I could make $34/week. But i'm happy. $34 more dollars a week than I would have otherwise!

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