Virginia is for LOVERS!

I spent this last weekend in Virginia and to sum up, it was lots of fun. Here's the quick rundown of activities:
Massages, Old Town Alexandria, Le Pain Quotidien, Antique shops, La Petit Auberge, Shenadoah Valley, Tomato Basil soup at Carrabbas, DC, National Aquarium, East Potomac Park

Old Town Alexandria is seriously the cutest place I have ever been. I want to live there. Everyone was riding bikes around and there were tons of little shops all over. I could spend forever walking those streets. I mean just look at this place!

Another side note from the trip...if you ever visit DC do not waste your time at the aquarium. Probably the biggest joke i've ever seen. It cost $9 and its pretty much a bunch of fish tanks with some exotic fish. It took us like maybe 20 mins to see the whole thing. I've been to significantly better aquariums in Chicago & Portland. Duke and I decided they spent more on advertising than on the actual aquarium itself. But i did snap some pictures of some cute little animals.


The Shenadoah Vally is GORGEOUS!! We drove up the Skyline Drive on the east side of the state. It was so fun and so scenic.

the last picture my camera took before its death

Such a fun trip. for reallls.

 beautiful, random building in DC

Duke likes it when I take pictures of him

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