some advice worth reading

I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to "health advice". There are so many opinions out there and I see so many people believe whatever anyone tells them when it comes to health, diet and exercise without thinking logically or doing any of there own research. I'm a full believer in logic and simplicity when it comes to health, but thats a whole other topic. With cold and flu season upon us I thought I'd share this interesting tidbit of information from Mercola.com (which seems to be a pretty good resource).

"There are a number of ways to ensure you won't end up with a cold. One of the most important is to make sure you optimize your vitamin D levels year-round.

In addition, there's compelling evidence that seasonal influenza is little more than a symptom of vitamin D deficiency!"

I think it makes sense. Hello, flu season is during the part of the year the sun shines the least. Even more interesting was this video:

I have never gotten a flu shot and I honestly cannot remember the last time I had the flu. In fact, usually tons of people I know that get the flu shot end up getting the flu. I swear these companies inflate the truth and spread it through the media to get everybody hyped up for nothing. Anyways don't get the flu shot because its really just a painful, annoying joke. 
ps. literally everytime i wrote the word "flu" i wrote "flue"


why I need a million dollars

(or a job) I checked the mail today and found this waiting for me:

The new jcrew catalog. It makes me happy. Unfortunately i'm just a poor little unemployed college student with no trust fund, so for now, i'll just have to wish. Here's some of my favs:

 that shirt looks heavenly

i love all the tights...mmm


pumpkin time

I LOVE PUMPKINS. October is one of my favorite months for so many reasons, but one in particular is pumpkin season. I believe in pumpkin year round, but unfortunately, in the business world, they do not. I love it when other little restaurant and shops start selling pumpkin goodies. It really just makes the world a better place.


Beautiful Potomac

I forgot to include this picture in my last post...on purpose..last post was picture overload. I snapped this pic of the Potomac on the flight leaving DC. I've really fallen in love with Virginia & DC this summer. I've been lucky to go out there 4 times in the last six months and i'll be out there one more time in a few weeks. It's a beautiful place with so much to see and do and so much history behind it all. I wouldn't mind living there one day. Wouldn't mind it at all.


Virginia is for LOVERS!

I spent this last weekend in Virginia and to sum up, it was lots of fun. Here's the quick rundown of activities:
Massages, Old Town Alexandria, Le Pain Quotidien, Antique shops, La Petit Auberge, Shenadoah Valley, Tomato Basil soup at Carrabbas, DC, National Aquarium, East Potomac Park

Old Town Alexandria is seriously the cutest place I have ever been. I want to live there. Everyone was riding bikes around and there were tons of little shops all over. I could spend forever walking those streets. I mean just look at this place!

Another side note from the trip...if you ever visit DC do not waste your time at the aquarium. Probably the biggest joke i've ever seen. It cost $9 and its pretty much a bunch of fish tanks with some exotic fish. It took us like maybe 20 mins to see the whole thing. I've been to significantly better aquariums in Chicago & Portland. Duke and I decided they spent more on advertising than on the actual aquarium itself. But i did snap some pictures of some cute little animals.


The Shenadoah Vally is GORGEOUS!! We drove up the Skyline Drive on the east side of the state. It was so fun and so scenic.

the last picture my camera took before its death

Such a fun trip. for reallls.

 beautiful, random building in DC

Duke likes it when I take pictures of him


Lake Powell

Last weekend I went on an impromptu trip to Lake Powell with a bunch of people from my ward. It was my first time at Powell and i LOVED it. Its so gorgeous down there!! PLUS i wakeboarded for the first time, and i even got up my first time (i just didn't stay up). But the second day I was able to actually stay up and enjoy myself for a bit. It was a great trip. the weather was great, the company was great and now I actually know more than 5 people in my ward.

Thats me in the pink juuuust about to jump

Sand Mountain-climbed to the top of that sucker

dance party

oh sooo much fun. Can't wait to go again.

woot woot!

Tonight I took one look at my blog and I almost had to vomit. It was pretty gross looking. Hopefully most of you were reading it in google-reader or something for your eyes sake. So I just spent the last who knows how long trying to redeem it. Its very plain-jane right now, but much more easy on the eyes. Oh how I wish i was a designer. Actually it is my secret plan to go back to school very soon here and get another degree in graphic design...or at least take a bunch of graphic design classes. I love design...I just need some professional help with it.
That reminds me I kinda got a job! I'm interning right now at Stephen Hales Creative (free labor) and Stephen Hales teaches history of graphic design at BYU and needed a TA, and guess who got the job! yahoo! I can only work 3-4 hours a week for $8.50/hr which means at MOST I could make $34/week. But i'm happy. $34 more dollars a week than I would have otherwise!