(lack of) labor day

Before I get to my weekend I just have to share the best* thing that happened to me today. I was looking for my free coldstone love-it card that i knoooowww I have somewhere, and while i didn't find it, I did find 2 things that have been lost for about 2 years. My spare car key and my most favorite of all time chapstick. Obviously after 2 years, I had accepted that they were lost forever, so i was completely ecstatic when i found BOTH of them in an old purse! Ohhh the little things in life, they'll getcha everytime...back to my weekend....(*kinda sad thats the best part of my day)
I had a grrreat weekend! I got to see my boyfriend TWO weekends in a row! pretty awesome. Last weekend we were in california and this weekend we went up to Logan and stayed with his mom. Here's some pictures from the weekend(s):

Tony Grove Lake

it was soo prettyyy

Logan Temple

Duke's croquet skills (he's p. good)