I'm having fun now

As my loyal friends and readers might recall I am borderline obsessed with Jenny Lewis. Review here.

Last night I got to see her again (3rd time!) with Jonathan Rice in slc. ooh it was SOOO GOOD! She's sassy and precious and i just want to be friends with her. It was really nice too, bc the venue was pretty small (the stateroom) and it was 21 and up. (Such a difference it is going to an all ages concert vs 21& up.) It was cool because it felt like a more intimate setting, like they were just some friends putting on a show for us or something. The place cleared out pretty fast, but britt and I hung around for a bit and I was able to snag the set list and get it autographed. (not in person, but one of the crew guys took it back for me)

THEN, we were walking back to our car behind the venue and the 2 guys from her band were walking out. so i took the opportunity to get a picture and we chatted it up a little bit. See it was pretty cool because Jason Boesel is the drummer from Rilo Kiley (jenny lewis's other band) Plus he's pretty awesome so i was kinda estatic. I told him Rilo Kiley needs to put out another album...because i know me saying that will make it happen.

It was so cool.

After we got back in our car, i realized we should have been more aggressive and like tried to hang out with them or something. I just dont have any guts around "famous" people. I'm the kind of person who totally ignores people of any celebrity status. I don't know why but I dont want to be just another dumb fan, so i don't do/say anything. ha.

It was kind of surreal. Its the only time i've really ever been star struck. Now i just gotta meet Jenny. and Zooey. And then my life will be complete.

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  1. That is so cool that you got the set list and to meet some of the band. You would have kicked yourself if you didn't at least ask.