i climbed a mountain!


I finally hiked Mt. Timpanogos with my friend Loral. My first real mountain! We consider ourselves legit mountaineers now. We got a bit of a late start, bc we kinda didn't decide to really climb it till about 1030 that morning, and didn't get to the trail head till about 12:15. But we made pretty good time. 7.5 hours of just hiking our butts off. It's no easy hike. The first few hours we were all "this is pretty easy!" and then the last 45 mins to the summit totally sucked. But we made it! and it was fun! and I highly recommend it if you live in utah. or if you don't...just bring sunscreen..bc i didn't and i paid for it. Here's some pics (from loral):

" this is easy!"

"two tough girls" as one guy called us


i love america too

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  1. i've always meant to do that but never got around to it