water floaties

When I was a youngster I remember visiting my grandma's house in the summer right here in Happy Valley. Naturally I drank a lot of water while I was visiting. I vividly remember one time while about to innocently take a swig of water from my glass.

That's when I saw them.

Little whitish specs floating lazily around my glass. FLOATIES!!
I was completely repulsed but kept peering at them and wondering what ARE those things? and how did they get in my water??

I couldn't figure it out. I kept reaching for new cups, thinking it must have been a dirty glass, but they kept reappearing! Upon the point of dehydration, I decided to drink only from th hose in her backyard. (at least i couldn't see them coming out at that speed)

jump ahead about 10 years. I moved to Provo when I was 18 and never encountered this problem again until I moved into University Avenue Condos. They were back!! I was a bit wiser and noticed they only appeared when there was ice in my glass. I can't be the only one to notice this, right???

I checked the ice trays...perfectly clear water goes in. Yet once they meet my water floaties appear without fail! I had to stop using ice.

This was a major tragedy in my life due to my complete love of ice. If you ask my 12 year old brother what my favorite foods are he would say "chips and salsa and ice". I love to crunch on ice (yah yah, i've heard the warnings) i love putting it in my drinks, i love just looking at it even. And the circle ice? from sonic??? oooh man. true love.

So today, I decided I was gonna figure out what all this floaty business is about. And I am here to tell all of you who have struggled with this floatie issue as well.

according to wikipedia:
Melting ice cubes sometimes precipitate white flakes, commonly known as "floaties". This is calcium carbonate which is present in many water supplies and is completely harmless.

So there you have it. May be completely harmless, but it's still gross-looking. At least I know.

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  1. I have noticed those white flakes too!!! Especially at Grandma's house. Strange.