oh blog... what to do with you...what to do

i'm currently debating who my favorite founding father is. (totally weird..who even cares? what normal person debates this? then again, i never claimed normalcy) Anyways, currently it is Thomas Jefferson. So I'm taking it upon myself to read the biographies of those in the running. Naturally Jefferson is first.

I guess I'm in this mind set because I just got back from visiting DC for a week with my fam!! It was tons of fun. Lots of walking. Lots of walking. Annnnd i got to see a certain someone! I posted pictures on facebook and wasn't going to post any on here bc i'm pretty lazy sometimes. BUT i just decided to post a few i didn't post on facebook. A special blog-readers-only preview, if you will.


  1. Keep blogging... that's what to do! How was your trip? I need updates! I hope you had a blast! Ps. When are you going to be in provo? I might* be there in August for a few hours (literally) if you want to eat.

  2. You just *had* to put that Philly picture in didn't you. . . pahaha