the xanga years

Who remembers Xanga? Well back in 2003-2005 I had one, and today I rediscovered it. It's still out there in the internet cyber-world. I was reading a few of my entries and I had some good laughs. Here's a pretty great post from April 3, 2004, when i was 17--a junior in h.s.:

high school is so freakin stupid. like seriously. stupid. actually its not high school thats stupid. its teenagers. yep. thats what it is. teenagers and their raging horomones. right now, people are mad at each other, and at me. and i think they think im mad at them. but the thing is im not. im honestly just confused. bc i don't understand, why we're mad at each other. i didn't do anything. I just wish we could remember that we're friends and have fun. i mean its such a waste of time to be mad at people. you could either be mad or be happy. i mean espeacially when you know it'll be over in a couple days. but just for the record.......i was never mad at anyone, im still not mad at anyone. lets just all be friends.....please!!

Here's one more from May 8, 2004:

ya so...last night kinda sucked. im mad. i was going to go to this party. i've been planning on it since wednesday. well, i don't even know exactally what happened, i just know that i didn't go. it was down in fayetteville and i was really tired, and i don't know, i just decided not to go this time. but i really did want to go. after work i couldn't decided if i wanted to go or not, and so i went to barnes and noble for a 1/2 hour to try and decide what i should do, and by then it was 11, and i decided that i should probably just go home. ARG. now im kinda mad at myself but oh well. oh yea and FYI--its barnes and noble not barnes and nobleS, mmk, no 'S'. thats one of my pet peeves, when people say it wrong. anyways so i came home and found out my mom had took it upon herself to block mtv, mtv2 and vh1, which are like the only channels i watch. anyways, so me and tyler and taylor tried for like 20 mins to figure out the password, but with no luck. but since my mom is a brilliant person, i went downstairs and found out that she hadn't blocked it down there, so im good. :) anyways im gonna go do something now.....

good times. good times.