Waiting for the VRE

It's 7 am and I'm here in quantico, va just waiting for my train. It's running 25 minutes late, naturally. Anyways, I've watched a couple trains run by full-speed and I was just thinking how much it would suck to get hit by one of these suckers. I'm on my way back to Utah. I've practically ben living out of a suitcase since school got out in April, so it'll be nice to be stationary for a couple weeks before the bland reunion in Indiana!! Woot woot! This summer is already flying by and it's kinda freaking me out. Anyways I'll be blogging soon with pictures next time. But here's a horrible picture...I was trying to take ampicillin of the red quantico sign (iPhones don't zoom) but whateves!

and here's one more pic from the weekend:

Oh and one more! I went to the portrait gallery in DC and check out this crazy face, aka Walt Whitman:

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