random mid-month post

I would like to announce that today was officially my first pool day of the year. The slight overcast wasn't enough to stop me. Today was pretty great. Sold back my books and got a whopping $52. laid out at the pool with some amigas for a few, worked on my portfolio, Went for a run, Went to target, got some new running attire... just kinda did my thing. No class, no work, no nothing.

After a few presentations Monday and Tuesday I'll be school-free until august. As completely ecstatic as i am that warm weather is finally here, I seriously, can't believe it's summer again. It is blowing my mind.

Rrandom thoughts for the day:

-I just had my half birthday, which means i'm closer to 24 than 23 now. It sounds so adult-ish. when did i grow up?? weird.

-If you live in Provo and haven't been to The Chocolate, you are really missing out on life. Its pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me. Their "cazookie" (aka pazookie") is amaaazing. It's in this cute little house on state street and the inside is decorated adorable. Here's some pics:

-I currently have an unhealthy obsession with stripes. I have a few striped shirts, but I every time I shopping, I'm drawn to them like a magnet.

-Another food item obsession: Fiber Plus Antioxidant bars. OMG. I'm obsessed. I started buying Fiber One bars to eat for breakfast on the days I was running late. They're ok, but not amazing. Then I discovered these other bars. They're the same calorie count, same amount of fiber, same price, but are seriously so much better. The flavors are better and they actually taste like a granola bar. If you are a fan of either Fiber One bars or granola bars in general I highly recommend you give these a try. You can't go wrong with the peanut butter/chocolate chip bar. YUM

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  1. mmmm peanut butter-chocolate chip cazookie, we need a girls night and a pool day!