The latest

First off I would like to officially welcome spring with open arms. Ive been a busy luttle bee lately. School is going well and is 4 weeks from coming to a close. Still totally unsure about what I'm going to be doing in the spring/summer, but I've got 4 weeks to figure that out.

I started interning at a place here in Provo called plaid video marketing, they speacialize in social media. It's pretty rad.

My boy moved yesterday to Washington dc. He's doing marines officer training. He is hard core. and awesome. And maybe like the best bf ever. Haha cheesy, sorry. But I miss him.

It's been a really good semester. I love life right now. I'll post some pics soon.

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a little help?!

For one of my classes we are doing research for a jewelry store, which includes making and distributing a survey. I probably sent you an email already with a link to this survey, but if not, no matter who you are, i would really appreciate it if you could take 5 mins to do it. Here's the link:



my list of happiness

mint + chocolate
the chocolate cafe
the sock monkey commercial
receiving cards in the mail from my loved ones
things that are executed in an aesthetically pleasing way
when good things unexpectedly fall directly into your lap
lol-ing & lqtm-ing (laugh quietly to myself)
a bowl of bran flakes & banana
good photography


I realize I have been posting video after video on this blog, one of these days I'll post a real update, but in the meantime, here is OK Go's new music video that britt shared with me.