so good

seriously, one of my favorite commercials ever


super bowl favs

Overall I think it's safe to say the super bowl ads were kinda lame this year. There were a few that I liked though. My personal favorite was google's ad. I also added some of the others I liked.

tea par-tay

Watch and enjoy.
[Promotion for smirnoff tea back from august 2006 by ad agency BBH]



If any one has been wondering what I have been up to this last month,i will tell you. I watched seasons 1-5 of Lost. 103 episodes. 78 hours. 3 days. 1/3 of the month of january. If that is not an accomplishment, i'm not quite sure what is. And now season six has started! and i'm in love with it. and so are my roommates. we made t-shirts.



we love lost