the upcoming week

Next week is going to be glorious! Mostly because of the whole no school thing, but also bc i have big plans. I'm staying in Utah for thanksgiving and going to my uncles for thanksgiving and so i will have tons of free time. here are some of my big plans:

  • clean and organize my apartment (i am weirdly excited about this)
  • paint-- a project i wanted to start a few months ago, but haven't had time
  • read, read, read (i went to DI today and got about 6 books)
  • catch up on school work (not really fun, but whatever)
  • watch lots of movies and tv

those are the plans so far. not much, but it will keep me busy. hooray for holidays!!


  1. um - wait! Can I get in on this? First of all, my + organizing? You know how I feel about this! Secondly, you got books from DI?! I LOVE books from DI. I want to see what you got. Thirdly, if you're watching more movies that would be on our mutual "haven't seen yet" list I want in.

    That is all. P.S. Watch for my similar posting soon. muahahahaha

  2. if you feel like you're being too productive you should come hang out in salt lake

  3. Sounds fun, wish I could come join you and Britt. Have a great break and live it up. Love you1

    Happy Thanksgiving!