the upcoming week

Next week is going to be glorious! Mostly because of the whole no school thing, but also bc i have big plans. I'm staying in Utah for thanksgiving and going to my uncles for thanksgiving and so i will have tons of free time. here are some of my big plans:

  • clean and organize my apartment (i am weirdly excited about this)
  • paint-- a project i wanted to start a few months ago, but haven't had time
  • read, read, read (i went to DI today and got about 6 books)
  • catch up on school work (not really fun, but whatever)
  • watch lots of movies and tv

those are the plans so far. not much, but it will keep me busy. hooray for holidays!!


i like to read

currently reading:


recently read:


The Hunger Games was great. I highly recommend it. Quick, good read. Just started c&p, but so far, so good!

And in other matters, life is really good right now.