i didn't watch the vma's, but natalie showed me this clip. Taylor Swift won best female video award, so she comes up, humbly begins her acceptance speech, and then is interrupted by kanye. just watch, it's short (ps-i don't know what the little speech bubbles are about?).

kanye has gone down another 8768r674 points in my book. Just bc you're a black rapper who's won some awards, has lots of money and wears sunglasses at night while indoors, it doesn't give you the right to publicly humilate someone. Especially taylor swift!! she's the most precious thing ever!! boooo on kanye!!! learn some respect.


  1. ugh that just makes me so mad! Taylor is too sweet... what is wrong with that man. Beyonce's like... noooo don't do that..... ugh. Poor Taylor.