brain dump

-currently reading "the 7 habits of highly effective people"..how come no one ever told me to read this before???
-i fixed our tv and now have cable again. yay
-i love water (just thought i'd throw that in)
- i love where i'm living right now
-i have a test that starts tomorrow and have a lot of catch up to do in like 2 days. eeek
-i need a job like nobody's business (or free money, either way)
-i love crafts lately
-i'm thinking about donating plasma
-i'm wayyyyy excited to have my fav hair stylist do my hair again for the first time since february (she got married, i was gone all summer etc)
-i'm very content w/my life right now.
-i've got to wake up in a few hours, so goodnight.


  1. Way to go Mickelle! On the side, don't donate plasma! I did for only a few months and not even regularly and I now have scars on my arms because of it. Don't ruin your elbow pits!!! How are you BTW? I was about to call you but it's only 7:30 am your time so I thought I'd wait... :)

  2. haha, actually i was afraid of that, so thanks for the advice. i'll give you a call soon!