autumn's sweet we call it fall

you guys, today is the first day of fall!! Those of you who are regulars to my blog probably know i have a really big thing for summer; but you may not know that i love fall. It's such a pretty season and the weather is nice--i'm a big fan.
Yesterday I went to my gmas and I picked apples from her apple tree and pears from her pear tree and tomatoes and roses and it was just a great time. She even gave me the last corn cob that could possibly be pulled from the stalks. it was about 3 inches long and had about 3 kernels on it. Oh, grandma. Here's a pic:

(ps. how autumny is this picture?? credit to bb taking it)

a few of my favorite things about autumn:
-boots! i love them
-pumpkin..in everything. YUM
-carmel apples (i eat these year round, but they are more fall appropriate)
-crunchy leaves
-colored leaves
-tights (i'm gonna do it this year)

anywho, happy first day of autumn!! woot woot!


  1. but think, YOU got the last ear of corn. I love the weather right now. It is awesome.

  2. Yeah G-Ma! Annnd.... my photography skills. :p P.S. can't wait for gma's this week. It's going to be tight.