brain dump

-currently reading "the 7 habits of highly effective people"..how come no one ever told me to read this before???
-i fixed our tv and now have cable again. yay
-i love water (just thought i'd throw that in)
- i love where i'm living right now
-i have a test that starts tomorrow and have a lot of catch up to do in like 2 days. eeek
-i need a job like nobody's business (or free money, either way)
-i love crafts lately
-i'm thinking about donating plasma
-i'm wayyyyy excited to have my fav hair stylist do my hair again for the first time since february (she got married, i was gone all summer etc)
-i'm very content w/my life right now.
-i've got to wake up in a few hours, so goodnight.


autumn's sweet we call it fall

you guys, today is the first day of fall!! Those of you who are regulars to my blog probably know i have a really big thing for summer; but you may not know that i love fall. It's such a pretty season and the weather is nice--i'm a big fan.
Yesterday I went to my gmas and I picked apples from her apple tree and pears from her pear tree and tomatoes and roses and it was just a great time. She even gave me the last corn cob that could possibly be pulled from the stalks. it was about 3 inches long and had about 3 kernels on it. Oh, grandma. Here's a pic:

(ps. how autumny is this picture?? credit to bb taking it)

a few of my favorite things about autumn:
-boots! i love them
-pumpkin..in everything. YUM
-carmel apples (i eat these year round, but they are more fall appropriate)
-crunchy leaves
-colored leaves
-tights (i'm gonna do it this year)

anywho, happy first day of autumn!! woot woot!


mad men ♥

Seriously, a great show. It's set in the 1960's (possibly my fav thing about it) and revolves around the lives of the people who work in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in NYC, hence Mad Men.
The beautiful people in the pictures are Don and Betty Draper. And in case you doubt my judgement, it's won 3 Golden Globes and 6 Emmys, so bam. it's awesome and i love it. (and how great are these pics?)



go watch this, bc it's the coolest thing i've ever seen.
thanks britt for the link.

these boots

i'm kinda in love with over-the-knee boots right now. i want some. oh and my birthday is oct 14 for anyone wondering.


so cute.



i didn't watch the vma's, but natalie showed me this clip. Taylor Swift won best female video award, so she comes up, humbly begins her acceptance speech, and then is interrupted by kanye. just watch, it's short (ps-i don't know what the little speech bubbles are about?).

kanye has gone down another 8768r674 points in my book. Just bc you're a black rapper who's won some awards, has lots of money and wears sunglasses at night while indoors, it doesn't give you the right to publicly humilate someone. Especially taylor swift!! she's the most precious thing ever!! boooo on kanye!!! learn some respect.


ohh, fox news

i laughed out loud watching this.