love of my life


I love Jenny Lewis. Alot. So much, that I went to her concert last night in Fayetteville all by myself. yes, alone. solo. me, myself and i. I actually copied brittany's i.d. and tried to have erica pass for her (it was 18+) but, it didn't fly (that is a whole other story).

awkward moment: in between the opening act and jenny, i'm just kinda standing there, amongst the mass, in the front, doing my own thing, and these 2 girls come up to me and the following convo takes place while about 20 people stare:

girl: "hey, we're taking pictures for a local website, can we get your guys' picture?"(referring to myself and some guy i'm next to)
me: "oh, we're not together"
girl: "oh, well just whoever you're here with"
me: "oh, i'm actually here by myself." (thank you for making me point that out to all bystanders)
girl: "ohh, ok, well can we just take your picture then"
me: "ok"
and then i awkwardly pose for a picture alone while everyone else just watches.

did i love it? YES. was it worth it? YES. will i attend more concerts solo? if need be, YES. am i more in love with jenny? YES! do i wish i could see her again tomorrow night in slc? YES!!

and i will leave you with this, a short clip from last night:


  1. ughhhhhhhhhh i wish i could have been there with you!! i'm so sorry i was in edmond. and i'm pretty sure that's amazing that you had to admit you were by yourself. hahahaha. miss you!


  2. You are amazing to do that by yourself! And awesome video... sweet moves! How is everything? When do you go back to provo?