so my parents are finally home from their 2 week european escapade and i am very happy. happy to see them for one and happy to not be the babysitter anymore. Not that babysitting an 11 & 17 yr old is that hard (but then again, i think you'd be surprised). But it did include waking up at 7 every morning to wake them up (not a morning person) and send them off to school, making dinners, doing dishes and laundry, taking out the trash, making them go to bed etc etc etc. and after 2 weeks of that, i am very grateful that i only take care of myself in my little apartment everyday. But now i can sleep IN!! and have my meals made for me!! and its going to be marvelous. 

on a totally unrelated note, in all my wonderful spare time (which i have too much of these days) I learned this dance from this video below. and one day, i will post it and embarass myself completely.


  1. i feel ya. i watched my niece and nephew for a week and i was so relieved when their parents got home. single parenting is no walk in the park.

  2. i want to see the video. post now