i read this article, and then kinda felt bad for kanye. really kanye? really???



love in the time of cholera

an excerpt that struck me:

"...the heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past."

good book. i love the way he writes. 



life is good

update: came home for a couple weeks, decided i should stay for the summer, flew back to utah for a week, laid out by the pool every day, then drove to california for loral's wedding, hung out there for the weekend and then drove from san diego to arkansas. longest drive of my life. 

i'm feeling good about being home. i'm really enjoying how laid back everything seems, which is in part due to summer and the lack of school...and i love it. My family is out of town again this weekend except erica and I. So we hung out... read outside in my backyard for a while, then we went to a nearby park and enjoyed the swings before the sunset, then came home made yummy pazookies. i like being able to enjoy the ltitle things in life. 

i'm too lazy right now to post pictures, but i will next time. 


did you know

britt sent me this video; apparently the asians are taking over the world, but thats old news. nevertheless, i thought it was interesting.


city of beautiful

i'm in nauvoo!! 


and then back to utah tomorrow!



so my parents are finally home from their 2 week european escapade and i am very happy. happy to see them for one and happy to not be the babysitter anymore. Not that babysitting an 11 & 17 yr old is that hard (but then again, i think you'd be surprised). But it did include waking up at 7 every morning to wake them up (not a morning person) and send them off to school, making dinners, doing dishes and laundry, taking out the trash, making them go to bed etc etc etc. and after 2 weeks of that, i am very grateful that i only take care of myself in my little apartment everyday. But now i can sleep IN!! and have my meals made for me!! and its going to be marvelous. 

on a totally unrelated note, in all my wonderful spare time (which i have too much of these days) I learned this dance from this video below. and one day, i will post it and embarass myself completely.