indians, tennis & lady gaga

So i'm in arkansas, "babysitting" my 17 yr old sister and 11 yr old brother while my parents are out of town for a couple weeks. It is hot and humid and green here and i couldn't be any happier.

Here are some classic qutoes from monday:
(this is for you britt)

While the song "just dance" was playing in the background--
jonathan: "i LOVVVVVVE lady gaga!" and then he melted to the floor. 
if i didn't know we were related before, now i do.

Then we went to memorial park to play tennis.

There were a bunch of people there playing tennis who happened to be indian, and about 20 mins after we gotten there, erica comes over to me and whispers, 
"mickelle, why are there so many indian people here?" 
her question was so sincere.  haha


and then when we got in the car to leave, she asked: 
"so are indians like really good tennis players or something??"
and i just laughed again, to which said said, 
"no seriously!!! in mexico everyone is really good at soccer!!"


hahaha. oh man. i love it.


  1. oh Mickelle. Thank you so so much for this. And I liked that Jonathan before, but now he's pretty cool. :) We're so related. Miss your face.