indians, tennis & lady gaga

So i'm in arkansas, "babysitting" my 17 yr old sister and 11 yr old brother while my parents are out of town for a couple weeks. It is hot and humid and green here and i couldn't be any happier.

Here are some classic qutoes from monday:
(this is for you britt)

While the song "just dance" was playing in the background--
jonathan: "i LOVVVVVVE lady gaga!" and then he melted to the floor. 
if i didn't know we were related before, now i do.

Then we went to memorial park to play tennis.

There were a bunch of people there playing tennis who happened to be indian, and about 20 mins after we gotten there, erica comes over to me and whispers, 
"mickelle, why are there so many indian people here?" 
her question was so sincere.  haha


and then when we got in the car to leave, she asked: 
"so are indians like really good tennis players or something??"
and i just laughed again, to which said said, 
"no seriously!!! in mexico everyone is really good at soccer!!"


hahaha. oh man. i love it.


monday night extravaganza

please click this for a great story. highlight of my week. 

ps. I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!! i will never take a sunny warm day for granted as long as i live. i love the sun.



it's just a beautiful spring afternoon here in provo, utah!!! i know you're jealous. 


Rilo Kiley ♥ ♥ ♥


happy april 14!

Today is a historical day. Most importantly it's my little sister Erica's 17th bday!!! Happy birthday enrique! 


Today is also the last day of classes for winter semester, woohoo!!!
Today is also the britney spears concert in SLC...which i wish i was going, but alas i am not.
AND today is also my half-birthday. haha
i also think today is the day the titanic sunk...1912??

To sum up, today is a day to celebrate! (minus the titanic thing)


there's no place like home

*disclaimer: this may get sappy and depressing. you've been warned.

I'm homesick.
I am tired and i am worn out. 
I miss my friends. I miss my family. 
I want to be taken care of (at least i'm honest).


Provo, Utah... i'm about to hit my 4 year mark. It has proved to be, by far, the hardest and most trying 4 years of my life. (and yes, i know, its only going to get harder) I think i've shed more tears in the past 4 years than the previous 18 years of my life combined. 

Home is so good to me. I have a great family. I definintely took my parents for granted back in the day. Now that I am in the "real world" I realize how truly honorable and admirable of people my parents are...i mean, sometimes i think about it, and i'm just amazed. i'm a pathetic weakling comparatively.

Also, I have amazing friends i grew up with, aka- the skanks. and lucky to still be close with them. Sometimes I underestimate how important it is to have good friends, but its made all the difference!! (is it awkward that i'm starting to tear up???) I love them more than life itself. One time, I read all my facebook wall posts from the skanks--it took like 2 hours-yep, i was that bored--but it was probably like the best two hours of my life. i couldn't love them more.


I've had a good time here in provo, I really have--and I've met some amazing people. but still, it wears me out sometimes. No place had I experienced, that bombards you friendly reminders about how lonely you are. 

There is a tangible anxiety in provo. Fortunately, either due to lack of caring or just growing up, i've come to terms that it is ok to sit at home on a friday night and do nothing...and its ok if people know that. haha, it sounds silly, but reality for some.

I found this quote:

"Homesickness is absolutely nothing...You don't really long for another county. You long for something in yourself that you don't have, or haven't been able to find."

i'm not gonna lie...it resonates.

Sometimes I just wish home wasn't a 20 hour drive away. Or that a plane ticket home wasn't $500. 

*disclaimer 2: i think i'm gonna regret this post in the morning. i should start going to sleep before midnight


a day in the life

Remember Darrin's Dance Grooves?? Of course you do. Well the other night natalie and I decided to do a little dancin with darrin and it was pretty much amazing. We did the britney spears- "crazy" dance, of course, which is ridiculous and hilarious but nonetheless, a classic. Anyways in the same night I also watched Aladdin (it was on TV, ok), colored in a giant coloring book and made cookies...which I realized a five year could have had the same night as i did. Sad? perhaps, but i'm not gonna lie...i thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's a clip from our night with Darrin: