a day in the life

Remember Darrin's Dance Grooves?? Of course you do. Well the other night natalie and I decided to do a little dancin with darrin and it was pretty much amazing. We did the britney spears- "crazy" dance, of course, which is ridiculous and hilarious but nonetheless, a classic. Anyways in the same night I also watched Aladdin (it was on TV, ok), colored in a giant coloring book and made cookies...which I realized a five year could have had the same night as i did. Sad? perhaps, but i'm not gonna lie...i thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's a clip from our night with Darrin:



  1. shiz. first off, i love the top of the blog. you must teach me how the f you did that. second, i'm having trouble watching the video and i'm a little butthurt about it. also kind of butthurt i wasn't included in this night. scott was creeping on your blog...apparently he already watched it and wants you to teach him some moves.

  2. I read this on Tuesday when you posted and thank you because it was one of the only things that made me laugh all day. Good times and sounds like a stellar day to me. 5 year old - eat your heart out.

  3. The life of a 5-year-old is underrated.