a tribute...if you will


This might seem kind of cheesy to some of you, but i don't really care! My younger bro Tyler left on a mission the end of august to the wonderful city of Ogden, Utah. I miss him a lot, but i'm also just so proud of him. So I went through some of his emails and cut & paste some lines that i thought were funny or just precious. My family might the only one who really appreciates this, but thats ok. Its just funny to hear what he has to say, if you know Tyler, that is. ok well here are some snippets if you would like to read on:

Yep, i taught the restoration to a gay guy last night, AWKWARD.

EWW that reminds me yesterday i saw for the first time a bearded lady!!! she was like hi and i was like hey. 

We met a lady named georgette a couple weeks ago she has like 15 peircings in her face and a spongebob tattoo, it's pretty sweet. 

Yesterday we saw a cat suck on a roof meowing its head off.  I reached out my arms to catch it but it wouldn't jump because it was weak sauce.

He loves us all with His big daddy heart and He wants us to love Him back. 

But we live in the hood and we get drive "byes" such as. "WE LOVE OUR GAY BROTHERS!!" that was just the other day as he drove by in a van.

just remember when you see crazy people that that's who i'm teaching!

Going on a mission sounds like a really big thing. But really, there is no better work, and no greater blessings that come from it.

25th October= baptizzled

I've decided that dogs are posessed.  I have enough evidence now.

I just love seeing people change their lives for the better and reconsile themselves with God. 

We had a great New Years!  We went to bed at about 11 oclock (we're really busy ok) and set the alarm for 11:55pm. We woke up and heard fireworks (or gunshots) all down the streets and everyone shouting and celebrating.  We got up and had some apple sparkling cider with summer sausage and cheese and crackers MMM, then went back to bed.

Funny thing a mission is. That's all I have to say about that.


  1. oh my. i don't even know your brother, but i just laughed out loud.

  2. oh Tyler... he has some great letters! I always laugh. You should read the letter I got the other day. :)

  3. haha, I got a chuckle out of all of those :)