girl scouts get stingy!!

So today, i'm sitting there on my computer, scanning the cnn latest news updates, living my happy little life, without a care in the world. I first see that the U.S. Postal service might have to elminate a day of mail service due to the economic downturn and think, hmm, well that sucks. Then i start scanning the other headlines, when all of a sudden I see the headline "Cutbacks hit boxes of girl scout cookies". So naturally, i'm like "WHHHAAAAAT?!" (in that one voice...i think you know what i'm talking about) Click on it, and then let cnn.com burn my dreams to ashes. hahah, ok, not my dreams. but this is an outrage. I mean girl scout cookies?? REALLY?? i love my girl scout cookies. i'll eat a box in a day. but now it looks like i'll have to eat TWO boxes in a day. Let me give you the highlights from the article and then you try and tell me that you're not just a little upset. just try. 

  • Girl Scouts reducing the number of cookies per box to save money (PUH-LEEESE, do you know how many boxes they sell?!)
  • 2 to 4 fewer cookies in boxes of Thin Mints (my fav), Shortbread (ew) and other cookies.
  • "Our bakers cannot continue to absorb these rising costs" organization says. (oh yes they can)
Ok, ok, i know i'm being ENTIRELY overdramatic about this, but i do feel passionately about girl scout cookies. Don't even get me started on my most recent McDonald's ice cream experience (you can ask whitney or natalie...it was a sad moment). But seriously, there are like 16 carmel delights in a box. its already a rip off. but i will continue to get ripped off, bc they are so delicious.