Much Too Long

Update. First of all, I love summer. Just thought i'd throw that in. I love wearing shorts. i also love being a freezing cold building and then walking outside and its so hot and sunny and wonderful and it just warms you right up! Its great. Another great thing that has nothing to do with summer is Watermelon flavored Bubblelicious gum. yummy


On another note, I'm back in provo. Good ol' Provo. Back at work and basically no one's here! So its been a boring few days, but i will survive. I'm glad I got to go home for a while though. It was some good times.

Also, a few of my friends unfortunately floated the Provo river yesterday, and apparently it was the worst experience of their life. I didn't go because I was working, otherwise I would have been a victim as well. I mean it was a pretty funny story. Its all fun and games till you try to get out of the river and the current sucks you away. Stacy showed up at my apt minus one flip flop and a pair of sunglasses, plus some mud, bruises and scratches. Poor little thing. Note to self: never float provo river. It is not worth it!


  1. I think I want to hear more about this Provo River story. But I did love picturing Stacy like that. Typical.

    Also, I love wearing shorts too, but haven't been able to do so. Not even once this summer. Ugh.

  2. the provo river should die. yes, i said it. pretty sure that was one of the most ridiculous experiences of my life.