Seven random things about ME...
(britt "tagged" me)

1. I hate talking on the phone while i am driving. It interrupts my time to sing and listen to my music as loud as I want. So I'm sorry if I ignore your call while I'm driving...it's nothing personal!

2. Not a fan of texting tones...especially if it's a song. They're obnoxious and unnecessary. You can still hear it on vibrate and its so much less annoying. I am ok with ringtones though.

3. There was a time in my life I was drinking 6 diet cokes a day. I know, ridiculous. Don't worry, I went to diet coke rehab, and I have overcome my addiction.

4. When I was younger, my older sister forced me to play school so she could be the teacher. Younger-sibling oppression...its real! But this could explain why I'm so smart now.

5. When I was 2 and again when I was 4, I managed to drive our car out of the garage and take out the neighbors mailbox. mwahahaha

6. I'm not an animal person. They just don't do anything for me...? I swear I'm not heartless!

7. I like beautiful melodies telling me horrible things.

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  1. haha, I'm glad you credit me for your early schooling. I still remember making you do that extensive report on Delaware. I doubt that's ever come in handy. ;)