Bat Day

So i'm at work right now and I just got up to innocently go into the kitchen and get a drink. The light was off and I noticed something on the ground but it just looked like a leaf. So I turn the light on and walk over to the fridge and I look back and its like this little, baby bat. Like a bat that lives in caves and flies around. So i'm like...hmm, thats weird. And then I see its ears moving and its like breathing and it starts CRAWLING. So here I am stuck in the kitchen (because it's blocking the door) and of course I'm freaking out because all I can picture is this bat taking flight and then attacking me! Basically, I saw my life flash before my eyes. So once it started crawling the other direction I made a run for it and escaped untouched.

But Heather, Heidi and I are still freaking out because there is a BAT on the loose! So we run over to the tell our landlords about our problem. Then Spencer apparently scooped it up in a box and just comes walking over with it, like no big deal. So luckily we got rid of it without any casualties, but the question is...how did it get in and are there more?

tell me thats not freaky


  1. Picturing that little bat crawling across the kitchen floor is one of the creepiest things ever. Stay on your toes.

  2. spencer would. he's like a hero. pahah. glad you made it out alive!

  3. Ditto to Brittany's comment!! I keep looking over my shoulder now half expecting something creepy crawly to be there.

  4. that is terrifying and reminds me of the office. i love the new look of your blog!