Last night I saw Eisley with Britt annnd they were amazing, of course. Also, I think its precious how they're all siblings (and a cousin). Its just kinda adorable. So I included some pictures and music video below. Enjoy.




Bat Day

So i'm at work right now and I just got up to innocently go into the kitchen and get a drink. The light was off and I noticed something on the ground but it just looked like a leaf. So I turn the light on and walk over to the fridge and I look back and its like this little, baby bat. Like a bat that lives in caves and flies around. So i'm like...hmm, thats weird. And then I see its ears moving and its like breathing and it starts CRAWLING. So here I am stuck in the kitchen (because it's blocking the door) and of course I'm freaking out because all I can picture is this bat taking flight and then attacking me! Basically, I saw my life flash before my eyes. So once it started crawling the other direction I made a run for it and escaped untouched.

But Heather, Heidi and I are still freaking out because there is a BAT on the loose! So we run over to the tell our landlords about our problem. Then Spencer apparently scooped it up in a box and just comes walking over with it, like no big deal. So luckily we got rid of it without any casualties, but the question is...how did it get in and are there more?

tell me thats not freaky


Stuff White People Like

So I gave my blog a little face-lift, if you will. It still needs some work, so don't judge me yet!

So I recently learned about my new favorite blog--"Stuff White People Like". It is hilarious. I've really only skimmed the site so far, but some of my favorite posts so far are:

-Indie Music
-Apple Products
-Having Black Friends

ok, well they're all hilarious actually. Hilarious because its true. mwahaha. anyways, check it out, and enjoy!



Seven random things about ME...
(britt "tagged" me)

1. I hate talking on the phone while i am driving. It interrupts my time to sing and listen to my music as loud as I want. So I'm sorry if I ignore your call while I'm driving...it's nothing personal!

2. Not a fan of texting tones...especially if it's a song. They're obnoxious and unnecessary. You can still hear it on vibrate and its so much less annoying. I am ok with ringtones though.

3. There was a time in my life I was drinking 6 diet cokes a day. I know, ridiculous. Don't worry, I went to diet coke rehab, and I have overcome my addiction.

4. When I was younger, my older sister forced me to play school so she could be the teacher. Younger-sibling oppression...its real! But this could explain why I'm so smart now.

5. When I was 2 and again when I was 4, I managed to drive our car out of the garage and take out the neighbors mailbox. mwahahaha

6. I'm not an animal person. They just don't do anything for me...? I swear I'm not heartless!

7. I like beautiful melodies telling me horrible things.