So today is the day for me to sign up for fall classes (yes, i'm finally going back, thank you). Year numero quatro. Some people refer to this year as their senior year. Wouldn't that be nice...

Anyways in order to sign up for classes its probably a good idea to know what you're majoring in. So last night, I sit down, write down about 5 majors i've been debating and narrowed it down to 2. I have serious issues when it comes to deciding a major, obviously. It's actually pretty hilarious how many times i've chosen one and said "this is it, for sure, i'm just going to do it" and then five days later I'm back to square one. Amazing.

Luckily, i've only actually declared one major so far, "pre-nursing". But after realizing that I would have no social life, no balance and would have to become one of those people who sit in the library for 5 hours a day...i realized BYU nursing= shoot me in the face. moral of the story, i want to do something i like, but i want to be able to enjoy my life on a regular basis. So here's the debate right now:

Dietetics or Advertising?

I have to apply to both (isn't it awesome how you apply to college, but once you get in thats only 1/2 the battle?!) so it really would be hilarious if i apply and don't get into whatever i choose. But my main goal right now, is to get done. and i'm not changing my mind again. I'm just going to do it. even if i hate it. I'm kinda leaning towards advertising right now, because its 20 credits less than dietetics. and there is no chemistry involved. all good things.

Also, the 10 day forecast says nothing but sunshine. Its about time.


  1. Your parents will probably shoot me for saying this but, why spend the money and the time if it's not something you want to do?

    What do you LOVE to do? It seems like everyone gets caught up in finding a 'responsible' or 'grown up' job and really people who have responsible and grown up jobs rarely enjoy their job or their life. So do what you LOVE. I mean spending 5 hours a day doing something you don't love a whole lot (studying) so that you can do something you really like (helping people) is better than spending 1 hour a day studying so that you can spend 40 hours a week for the REST OF YOUR LIFE doing something that doesn't fulfill you.

    There is a major out there for you. College is too expensive to just get a whatever degree. If that is why you are going, then just get a "whatever" job.

    Good luck...and Let the Holy Spirit Guide (read the hymn it's great and helpful).


  2. thanks for the advice! it seriously is the hardest choice, but its good to get others perspectives

  3. It really is a hard decision, I dabbled in everything when I was in college, and ended up with a degree in Generals... I know now what I want to go into, but when I had to make the decision it was hard. Just pray about it, I agree with Gwen, don't waste money on something that you don't love. It is easy to choose the degree with the least credits and least science... I think that's how I ended up with my General Degree. Good Luck