Here's to the Night...

so after lying awake and restless in my bed for at least an hour, i finally decided to just get up. so here i am. its going to be a painful day...

its finally march, which means that its almost april which means its almost summer which means WARRRRM weather and fun, of course. i can't waaaaaaaaaaait! I love summer so much. Seriously, what is better than sleeping in everyday, then hittin up to the pool, maybe seven peaks, maybe the lake, sonic beverage runs, center street dance parties [ha, good one] and then sitting on your porch eating strawberries, and talking about life. pahaha---actually, i never did sit on my porch and eat strawberries last summer, but for some reason natalie and i talked about it at least once a week....maybe this summer?

also, i have this recent obsession with mexican food and hip hop music. apparently i'm turning into a cholo... i'm ok with that though.

and just for kicks...ohhh britney..


  1. can it PLEASE be summer? i think we are all dying. this has been the worst winter ever.

  2. oh mickshizzle you crack me up.
    p.s. sonic runs are year round!