Single Minded


So, obviously today is Valentines Day. I really don't like this holiday...maybe its because I'm a bit cynical? I'm a realist and I can't help it. Instead of boring you all with my reasons for why I'm not a huge fan, I'm going to reflect on the positive side of valentine's day for singles.

Being Single. It really is a great thing. And I'm going to tell you why.

1. VarietyHere's my analogy: Imagine going to coldstone and only being able to sample one flavor. Where's the fun in that? That's what being in a relationship is like. You're limited. Well, since i'm single, I don't have to stick with one; I can sample as many flavors I want. Being single is the opportunity to indulge and reject all sorts of people. This kind of freedom doesn't last forever, so I might as well enjoy it while i can!

2. Excitement
Life is all about transitions while you're single. It's more or less a fact that single people go out more often and meet more people than those who are already part of a couple. Being young and single-- I don't know what tomorrow will bring, let alone next month or next year. And I love that.

3. Time
Single people have a very valuable commodity: free time. When I get off work my time can be filled doing exactly what I want, with who I want – unlike people with partners and the many time-consuming commitments that relationships bring. Its nice.

4. Looking better
If you're single, it's easier to get fitter, be slimmer and look better - and there is more incentive to do so. It's more common for people in relationships to cook, eat and 'vegg out' together, none of which does their waistlines, or their looks, any favors. I'm sorry guys, I'm just saying it how it is.

5. No compromiseAsk any couple what the hardest thing about being married is, and they will probably say, "having to compromise". As someone who is single, what to watch on tv, where to go for dinner and where to go on vacation are tastes I can indulge without having to take on board the opinions of another. Maybe i'm just selfish??

6. SpontaneityI'm allll about spontaneity. I can appreciate the fact that if I get a last-minute invitation to a social event I can drop everything and go. Want to rush off to LA for an impromptu weekend? There is no one to stop you – and no one you have to take along.

So to sum up, being single isn't all that bad. Don't let Valentines Day make you believe otherwise.


  1. Hey Mickelle!
    I found your blog on Brittany's and enjoyed your thoughts :) I look forward to more :)

  2. oh mickelle, i could say so much. :) im glad you're living up the single life. you need to come over for dinner again!

  3. Hey Mickelle!! So glad to see you blogging :o) Being single was a blast, I'm glad you too are enjoying it.

  4. Single is fun for now, but life was supposed to be shared. Down the road you will find that even though it's hard and there is compromise...it is much, much better than single life.

  5. thank you mom, i was being facetious