the beginning

so here i am. doing the blog thing. kinda fun...we'll see how how long this lasts!

ok so i want to start a new hobby. I figure if i'm not in school right now, i should use it to my advantage. sooo, the problem is, what do i want to do?? I do want to learn to play the drums, but i don't have a drum set or a drum or anything, and i don't really want to buy that. I could learn guitar, but thats somewhat cliche.
I do like drawing...and scrapbooking. so those are possibilties. Or I could always start writing the book I said I was going to write?
Anyways, I decided to start reading Twilight again.
See, I'm not a huge reader. I like to start alot of books, but then i get bored and never finish them. Well I started Twilight way back in May...like 9 months ago, and I only got to page 154, and it just wasn't doing it for me. And then the book was all the rage. So i figure there must be something good in there..i just obviously haven't gotten to it yet.


  1. so profound. can i have you autograph? xoxox

  2. Most everyone I know loved this book.. but just so you know you aren't alone out there in your opinion, my friend couldn't get into it either, and she is a reader! It is a fun read, but they are making it into a movie that comes out in December :o)