8 tv shows I love to watch
the office
the colbert report
conon o'brian
30 rock
arrested development
family guy
to catch a predator

8 of my favorite restaurants
cafe rio/costa vida 
red mango (i know these aren't "restaurants", but to me, they are)

8 things I did yesterday
went to the gym
walked around withOUT a jacket (beautiful weather)
went to all 3 classes (even my 8am-its always a struggle)
threw away alot of stuff
broke a couple of cds
cleaned my room
took a nap (very rare)
worked on a group project

8 things i am looking forward to
no school next week!
vegas w/bb
going home for jenna's wedding
spending time with the skanks (aka my bffs)
jolenes wedding
seeing my fam

8 things on my wishlist
less stress
more time
no homework
new headphones
an awesome and free vacation
clothes are always on my wishlist
more money would always be nice too

8 people I tag
natalie, oh wait she doesn't have a blog or read this for that matter (loser)

this thing called life

Life is good right now, really good. I think that I've finally learned some things that I should have learned a long time ago, but was too stubborn or clueless. 

I've started faithfully doing yoga every week and I LOVE it. I would highly reccommend it to all people everywhere. It's good for toning and relaxing and stretching. 

Thanksgiving is next week and Jolene's wedding is in 2 days!! I'm excited for jo and the much-needed vacation! yay for holidays


And Again

I'm sure you all remember the post about the lady stuck to the toliet for 2 years. classic story. Well, I have an update. Here's the headline:

Boyfriend of Kansas Woman Stuck to Toilet Wins Lottery for Second Time This Year

He may be stupid, but he's one lucky son of a gun.

Here's the article if you'd like to read on:



First off I've decided that kix cereal is one of the worst cereals ever made. I mistakenly bought it and only find it appealing when i wake up in the middle of the night, starving.


Well to sum up the past couple months, its been a little roller coaster ride--mostly the part where you're screaming and plummeting downhill, but then, luckily, come up right before you crash. (good analogy, eh?)

My little bro left to go on his mission--Ogden, Utah! So not too far from here... My fam dropped him off at the MTC, where we bawled our eyes out. I'm just so proud!! haha



Then I began wonderful school once again. So naturally, I have homework coming out of my ears!! It's keeping me biz. But that more or less sums up the last month or so.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."



So after hours and hours of working on my blog instead of doing my homework (good thing school started or else I would never have found the motivation to do this) it is complete. I think. So if you tried to go to my blog this past week and it said you weren't invited...don't worry, it was just a false alarm. 


Paris for President??

Usually I'm not into debating politics with people because I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it tends to be a touchy subject. But Heather showed me this video this morning and I thought it was hilarious, so I had to share.

You may or may not have seen McCain's ad against Obama where he compares him to Paris and Britney. If not, you can watch it below. Well Paris responded with her own ad, which i've also included. I don't really like Paris Hilton, but its funny. Good old Paris...

And here's the link for Paris's...I couldn't get the code to work:



Love Is Not Blind

Blind dates and Provo, UT. Its almost like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Let me give you a general rundown of how this tends to happen. One day, you're innocently chatting it up with a friend, coworker, cousin, whoever, who is more than likely married or in a serious relationship. Everything is going well and the line comes: "I have someone I want to set you up with". Oh hell. But usually you smile and say: "oh really? who?"

Now it gets tricky. You know this person has your best intentions in mind. And although you're prefectly content being single and really not looking for anyone, they are just trying to help. Common mistake. So as to not hurt any feelings, cause awkwardness, and really because you have no reason not to, you agree to being set up.

I have gone on my fair share of blind dates. I'm not sure why...but people just LOVE to set me up! Now, i'm not saying they have all been horrible. I've gone out with guys who are super nice, super great, they just aren't my type, there's no spark and I can't pretend like there is. My question is how can there be? You just met in a forced manner. Its awkward and so unnatural. You're total strangers, so you act in a way that is appropriate which is very surface-level-almost fake-blah blah blah. Needless to say, i've never had a blind date that turned into anything more.

So recently, my boss wanted to set me up with his neighbor. I decided to take my boss's advice and play a little "joke" on the guy. We go up to Sundance and ride the ski lifts, just chat it up and what not. Then we go to CPK and the following conversation takes place:
Date: "what's one thing that people might not know about you?"
Me: "well...I have a kid." *His eyes widen and maybe stops breathing for 1/2 a second
Me: "yeah...it was a long time ago, I was young...he lives with his dad back in arkansas and so I see him when I go home in the summers and over christmas. I wanted to give him up for adoption, but the father wanted custody. I figured its best that way, bc i'm able to keep living my single life out here and have fun."
Date: "Yeah...So is he married now?"
Me: "No, not that I know of...."
Me: "you're totally freaked out now, aren't you?"
Date: "oh, no, i just never would have guessed that!"
Me: "yeah...kinda crazy... So what about you?!"

Now that is funny. I think I pulled it off nicely and when he dropped me off I told him it was a joke. But I figured, so long as I'm going on these dates, I might as well have a little fun with it!


Much Too Long

Update. First of all, I love summer. Just thought i'd throw that in. I love wearing shorts. i also love being a freezing cold building and then walking outside and its so hot and sunny and wonderful and it just warms you right up! Its great. Another great thing that has nothing to do with summer is Watermelon flavored Bubblelicious gum. yummy


On another note, I'm back in provo. Good ol' Provo. Back at work and basically no one's here! So its been a boring few days, but i will survive. I'm glad I got to go home for a while though. It was some good times.

Also, a few of my friends unfortunately floated the Provo river yesterday, and apparently it was the worst experience of their life. I didn't go because I was working, otherwise I would have been a victim as well. I mean it was a pretty funny story. Its all fun and games till you try to get out of the river and the current sucks you away. Stacy showed up at my apt minus one flip flop and a pair of sunglasses, plus some mud, bruises and scratches. Poor little thing. Note to self: never float provo river. It is not worth it!


The Beef

oh hiiii. So as some of you may know, I have a tiny, little crush on Shia LaBeouf. (i mean, who doesn't??He's just so precious) Well today I was browsing the magazine section at barnes and noble when I stumbled across this beaute:
Only the love of my life gracing the cover of GQ. Anyways, a picture says a thousand words so i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Shia, if you are reading this, I love you. Call me



Last night I saw Eisley with Britt annnd they were amazing, of course. Also, I think its precious how they're all siblings (and a cousin). Its just kinda adorable. So I included some pictures and music video below. Enjoy.




Bat Day

So i'm at work right now and I just got up to innocently go into the kitchen and get a drink. The light was off and I noticed something on the ground but it just looked like a leaf. So I turn the light on and walk over to the fridge and I look back and its like this little, baby bat. Like a bat that lives in caves and flies around. So i'm like...hmm, thats weird. And then I see its ears moving and its like breathing and it starts CRAWLING. So here I am stuck in the kitchen (because it's blocking the door) and of course I'm freaking out because all I can picture is this bat taking flight and then attacking me! Basically, I saw my life flash before my eyes. So once it started crawling the other direction I made a run for it and escaped untouched.

But Heather, Heidi and I are still freaking out because there is a BAT on the loose! So we run over to the tell our landlords about our problem. Then Spencer apparently scooped it up in a box and just comes walking over with it, like no big deal. So luckily we got rid of it without any casualties, but the question is...how did it get in and are there more?

tell me thats not freaky


Stuff White People Like

So I gave my blog a little face-lift, if you will. It still needs some work, so don't judge me yet!

So I recently learned about my new favorite blog--"Stuff White People Like". It is hilarious. I've really only skimmed the site so far, but some of my favorite posts so far are:

-Indie Music
-Apple Products
-Having Black Friends

ok, well they're all hilarious actually. Hilarious because its true. mwahaha. anyways, check it out, and enjoy!



Seven random things about ME...
(britt "tagged" me)

1. I hate talking on the phone while i am driving. It interrupts my time to sing and listen to my music as loud as I want. So I'm sorry if I ignore your call while I'm driving...it's nothing personal!

2. Not a fan of texting tones...especially if it's a song. They're obnoxious and unnecessary. You can still hear it on vibrate and its so much less annoying. I am ok with ringtones though.

3. There was a time in my life I was drinking 6 diet cokes a day. I know, ridiculous. Don't worry, I went to diet coke rehab, and I have overcome my addiction.

4. When I was younger, my older sister forced me to play school so she could be the teacher. Younger-sibling oppression...its real! But this could explain why I'm so smart now.

5. When I was 2 and again when I was 4, I managed to drive our car out of the garage and take out the neighbors mailbox. mwahahaha

6. I'm not an animal person. They just don't do anything for me...? I swear I'm not heartless!

7. I like beautiful melodies telling me horrible things.


Bring on the Heat


Things I can't wait for:

1. weather.com to stop feeding me lies!
2. Natalie to return to where she belongs
3. summer
4. reunion with the skanks
5. summer
6. loral's birthday extravangza
7. summer
8. freshman boys coming back from the mish
19. oh, and summer.

well i think that pretty much covers it.



So today is the day for me to sign up for fall classes (yes, i'm finally going back, thank you). Year numero quatro. Some people refer to this year as their senior year. Wouldn't that be nice...

Anyways in order to sign up for classes its probably a good idea to know what you're majoring in. So last night, I sit down, write down about 5 majors i've been debating and narrowed it down to 2. I have serious issues when it comes to deciding a major, obviously. It's actually pretty hilarious how many times i've chosen one and said "this is it, for sure, i'm just going to do it" and then five days later I'm back to square one. Amazing.

Luckily, i've only actually declared one major so far, "pre-nursing". But after realizing that I would have no social life, no balance and would have to become one of those people who sit in the library for 5 hours a day...i realized BYU nursing= shoot me in the face. moral of the story, i want to do something i like, but i want to be able to enjoy my life on a regular basis. So here's the debate right now:

Dietetics or Advertising?

I have to apply to both (isn't it awesome how you apply to college, but once you get in thats only 1/2 the battle?!) so it really would be hilarious if i apply and don't get into whatever i choose. But my main goal right now, is to get done. and i'm not changing my mind again. I'm just going to do it. even if i hate it. I'm kinda leaning towards advertising right now, because its 20 credits less than dietetics. and there is no chemistry involved. all good things.

Also, the 10 day forecast says nothing but sunshine. Its about time.


Bathroom Lady

oh my gosh. Just when you think people cannot get any more weird. Click the title and go read this right now. This lady lived in her bathroom for 16 years, and apparently has been sitting on her toliet with her pants down for 2 YEARS. She was literally STUCK to the toliet...like her skin grew around it.

The thing that blows my mind is it took her boyfriend 2 years to think..."hmm, maybe she needs help." He says, and I quote, "time just went by so quick I can't pinpoint how long."--how long she had been in the bathroom that is. Time flies when you're sitting on the toliet??! pahaha..

The other issue is this--ok living in the bathroom, kinda weird in and of itself, but somewhat understandable, she has a phobia; but sitting on the toliet for 2 years?? that is just freakin weird. And whats the point of even having your pants on? Maybe she just couldn't take them off.
hahaha...ohhhhhhhh wow.


Took a little quiz--"What Beatles song are you?" Apparently this is the answer:


You have recently been given a newfound freedom. You are a very hopeful individual with a unique and creative mind. However you do not like being told what to do, and value your independence. You have a good deal of patience but may be a little insecure about yourself. However your independence will put you into new, challenging situations and you will find courage you did not know you had.


The Beatles know me so well. Except maybe the patience part, but close enough!

ps. the more you look at the word "blackbird" the more incorrectly spelled it looks..its really weird.


Here's to the Night...

so after lying awake and restless in my bed for at least an hour, i finally decided to just get up. so here i am. its going to be a painful day...

its finally march, which means that its almost april which means its almost summer which means WARRRRM weather and fun, of course. i can't waaaaaaaaaaait! I love summer so much. Seriously, what is better than sleeping in everyday, then hittin up to the pool, maybe seven peaks, maybe the lake, sonic beverage runs, center street dance parties [ha, good one] and then sitting on your porch eating strawberries, and talking about life. pahaha---actually, i never did sit on my porch and eat strawberries last summer, but for some reason natalie and i talked about it at least once a week....maybe this summer?

also, i have this recent obsession with mexican food and hip hop music. apparently i'm turning into a cholo... i'm ok with that though.

and just for kicks...ohhh britney..


On My Mind

soo..i really have nothing great to write about., but i do like this quote:

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so that you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. And sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together."

as far as music goes, these could be found on my current playlists:
(natalie, this is for you. since you're currently out of touch w/reality)

great northern--low is a height and home.
lupe fiasco- superstar
straylight run-never gets easier
emiliana torrini-prettty much everything. to name a few: heartstopper, to be free, sunny road..
feist- let it die
the cranberries
rilo kiley

i'm kinda on that female-vocalist kick again. i go through phases with my music.

Just for the record, on a totally different note, I think Ellen Page is great. I watched a few interviews with her today, and she just seems so real. and i love that. and i also loved juno.

ellen page

peace & love.


Single Minded


So, obviously today is Valentines Day. I really don't like this holiday...maybe its because I'm a bit cynical? I'm a realist and I can't help it. Instead of boring you all with my reasons for why I'm not a huge fan, I'm going to reflect on the positive side of valentine's day for singles.

Being Single. It really is a great thing. And I'm going to tell you why.

1. VarietyHere's my analogy: Imagine going to coldstone and only being able to sample one flavor. Where's the fun in that? That's what being in a relationship is like. You're limited. Well, since i'm single, I don't have to stick with one; I can sample as many flavors I want. Being single is the opportunity to indulge and reject all sorts of people. This kind of freedom doesn't last forever, so I might as well enjoy it while i can!

2. Excitement
Life is all about transitions while you're single. It's more or less a fact that single people go out more often and meet more people than those who are already part of a couple. Being young and single-- I don't know what tomorrow will bring, let alone next month or next year. And I love that.

3. Time
Single people have a very valuable commodity: free time. When I get off work my time can be filled doing exactly what I want, with who I want – unlike people with partners and the many time-consuming commitments that relationships bring. Its nice.

4. Looking better
If you're single, it's easier to get fitter, be slimmer and look better - and there is more incentive to do so. It's more common for people in relationships to cook, eat and 'vegg out' together, none of which does their waistlines, or their looks, any favors. I'm sorry guys, I'm just saying it how it is.

5. No compromiseAsk any couple what the hardest thing about being married is, and they will probably say, "having to compromise". As someone who is single, what to watch on tv, where to go for dinner and where to go on vacation are tastes I can indulge without having to take on board the opinions of another. Maybe i'm just selfish??

6. SpontaneityI'm allll about spontaneity. I can appreciate the fact that if I get a last-minute invitation to a social event I can drop everything and go. Want to rush off to LA for an impromptu weekend? There is no one to stop you – and no one you have to take along.

So to sum up, being single isn't all that bad. Don't let Valentines Day make you believe otherwise.


the beginning

so here i am. doing the blog thing. kinda fun...we'll see how how long this lasts!

ok so i want to start a new hobby. I figure if i'm not in school right now, i should use it to my advantage. sooo, the problem is, what do i want to do?? I do want to learn to play the drums, but i don't have a drum set or a drum or anything, and i don't really want to buy that. I could learn guitar, but thats somewhat cliche.
I do like drawing...and scrapbooking. so those are possibilties. Or I could always start writing the book I said I was going to write?
Anyways, I decided to start reading Twilight again.
See, I'm not a huge reader. I like to start alot of books, but then i get bored and never finish them. Well I started Twilight way back in May...like 9 months ago, and I only got to page 154, and it just wasn't doing it for me. And then the book was all the rage. So i figure there must be something good in there..i just obviously haven't gotten to it yet.