Azalea Festival!

The Higashi Village Azalea Festival was way back in March! I actaully tried to blog about it earlier, but something happened to my post and it got deleted after I had down a lot of work, so I gave up. However, this place needs to be recorded in my blog! I loved it, obviously. It's a bit north of us, about an hour and  half I believe, so we decided to test luck and threw Lucy in the car. Pretty much ever since she has learned to walk it has become difficult to bring her places. She doesn't like the stroller, occasionally will be content in a carrier, but mostly she wants to get down and walk on her own and in her own direction. She keeps life interesting.
The park was great! It's a pretty big park with paved paths and azaleas all around. We got some fair food and mostly let Lucy be our guide. Okinawa several different flower events throughout the spring and I think I have been to all of them now! There are a couple that I would like to try to go to next year again bc I didn't get there at peak season. The lily festival was a littler premature when I went and the iris's when almost if not already dead. The love for flowers here is really one of my favorite things about being out here. I don't remember any flower events like this growing up in the midwest/south. I gotta enjoy them while I can!
i love the lush okinawa greenery against the beautiful flowers in this one^
She looks so much younger to me in this picture! I guess it was 4+ months ago:)
sweet as a pea when things are done on her agenda ;)

 loved how she carried her dolly the whole entire time
 picking and throwing flowers...she's very respectful ;)
 my love
the many faces of lulu
 some goldfish and a dolly what more do you need?


The Yohena Ajisai (Hydrangea) Gardens

I've been wanting to visit this beautiful place ever since I first heard about it a couple of years ago from my friend Annie. Most of the flower fields I visit around Okinawa are random fields or are part of a festival but this garden is a little more special. Forty or so years ago this cute little lady name Uto Yohena started planting hydrangeas in her tangerine field along the paths between the trees. Eventually the flowers started dominating the trees and long story short we have this beautiful garden that she opened up to the public in 2001. Today she is 99 years old!! Isn't that amazing?! I was excited to meet her and hear about her experience and tell her how beautiful the garden was. Well, I met her and turns out she doesn't speak a lick of English haha. But I'm sure she knows.
This is Uto! Lucy was OVER the pictures clearly.
 There are more than 10,000 hydrangea and you can weave all around the garden to see them all.
My friend Taylor and her cutie Drew
 It's also worth mentioning that it was SO INCREDIBLY HOT this day. We were all completely covered in sweat from head to toe. I don't know how you can't tell in these pictures. Summer is here! The humidity is insane.
 Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. I loved this place!
 heart shaped!

miss independent right there^
Here's a moment that I died of cuteness. Lucy helps Duke water his tomato plant. So she starting "watering" the flowers with her water bottle. It looks more like she was offering them a drink. I love her.

my little fashionista! She loves hats
they crack me up with their adult accessories